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Online Auction Help

This page provides instructions for registering to bid in our online auctions and also help for first time bidders.

PLEASE READ - If you are having having trouble with registering or bidding, please read this page first before contacting us! If this page does not solve your problem, then please use the contact form to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

NOTICE: Please do not wait until the last minute to register or to try to bid, especially if you are a new bidder. We are very busy while the auction is ending and may not have time to assist you. Please review this page and give yourself plenty of time to get registered and place your bids in case their is a problem, so we will hopefully have time to resolve it.

To Register To Bid:

On the auction page, click Login/Register in the top right corner (the green button in top right corner if on mobile device). Click "Register Here". Fill out the form and follow the instructions. Be sure to enter your email address correctly. Once you fill out the first form, you will get an email. Open the link in the email that says "Complete Registration". This will take you back to the auction site to finish filling out the registration form. You only have to fill in the boxes with a * red asterisk by them. Once you complete this registration page, you should be able to log in and start bidding.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! You must fill out all boxes with a red asterisk * and you must check the boxes that say "I certify that I am 18 years of age or older", "I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions agreement", and "I'm Not A Robot". It will not let you submit and complete your registration unless all of this has been done.

Password Requirements: passwords must be 8-15 characters with at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number, and one special character (@$%&... the only special character you can't use is #).

How Our Bidding System Works:

We use a "Hard Close" system. One item ends per minute starting with Lot 1. When the countdown clock stops, whatever the price is at that time is the sold price. The clock does not extend time when someone bids. Be sure to allow plenty of time to place your bid - DO NOT WAIT until the last second. If multiple bidders place the same bid at the auction close, it will go to the "first" bidder - whichever one the system accepts first. If your internet connection is slow or delayed you may not see you have been outbid immediately. Please be sure to refresh the page to see if you won the bid or not.

Our auction system works well, but it is not always perfect. We apologize in advance for any bugs or errors in the system - sometimes things out of our control can happen. When issues arise we report them to the support team for the site and try to get it resolved as soon as possible. Sometimes the issue is on our end and sometimes it can be on your end - slow internet connection, issues with computer / mobile device, etc. Give yourself plenty of time to place a bid in the event there is a technical problem. We are not responsible for you missing out on an item. We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding!

Our online auctions use a Maximum Bid system similar to eBay's bidding system. When you place a bid in the Maximum Bid box, the bidding system will enter your bid as the next required bid and continue to bid for you up to your Maximum Bid amount. For example, if the next required bid is $100.00, and you enter $500.00, then the online bidding system will immediately enter your bid as $100.00. The bidding system will continue to bid up to $500.00 on your behalf using the preset auction increments as other bidders place their bids. Another example: say you are the high bidder at $300.00 with a Maximum Bid of $800.00, and another bidder places the next required bid of $310.00, then the online bidding system will bid for you at the next increment of $320.00, and so on. If at such time a bidder places a bid that is higher than your Maximum Bid of $800.00, then you will be outbid. If you are not outbid, then it is possible that you may win the item for an amount less than your Maximum Bid.

We charge a 10% Buyer's Premium.

Shortly after the auction ends winning bidders will receive an email invoice listing the items won and the amount due. If you believe you won an item, but did not receive an invoice, please contact us immediately.

Important Tips:

  • Outbid Notices: You are supposed to receive an email if you have been outbid on an item, but we have had a few reports of bidders not getting this email. It may get put in your spam folder, or there could be some other technical issue that prevents it from getting to your inbox. We suggest you check on the item periodically and do not solely rely on the email notice. You might miss out on an item in the event you don't get the email.

  • Do Not Wait To Register or Bid! If you wait until the last moment to register or bid and there is a problem, we may not have time to help you. We are very busy during the time the auction is ending and may not have time for technical support.

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