How Our Sales Work

This page is for first time shoppers. Here you will find information on how our sales operate and the policies we have in place. Please read over this page before attending our sales. We want everyone to enjoy our sales and have a pleasant and fun experience.

Entering the Sale - We use the number system for entry to our sales. Numbers are given out the morning of the sale by other customers or staff members. Make sure you get a number when you arrive. This number will assign your place in line for entry into the home. You need your number to get in the sale at opening. Occasionally we will sell jewelry and other small showcase items earlier in the morning before opening the house. In that event, your number will be used for both shopping the jewelry / showcases and also for entry to the house. Don't lose your number! Numbers are not needed later in the day - just at opening. Don’t be surprised if you arrive shortly before the sale opens and there is a long line of people. We have had people arrive at midnight or earlier before a sale opens the next morning! If you are after something in particular – get there early. It is first come, first serve!


Previews / Presales - We do not allow any previews or presales at our sales. We want everyone to have the opportunity to find treasures at our sales. We pride ourselves in the fact that our sales are never picked over - if it is in our pictures, it will be there on sale day!


Address / Parking - For security reasons, the address of the sale is released the day before the sale. We include directions and parking instructions. At any sale, please always be respectful of the neighbors and do not park in yards or block driveways and mailboxes. Also, please do not double park - it makes it very difficult for other vehicles to get through. We are not responsible if you get a ticket or towed due to not following parking instructions. Please help us keep the parking smooth!


Boxes / Bags - We do allow shopping / tote bags and boxes at our sales. All bags and boxes are subject to inspection. We try to provide some boxes and wrapping materials, but we run out quickly. Please bring your own if possible, especially if you plan to purchase breakables like china or glassware.


Shopping the Sale - Our sales are tag sales. Everything should have a price on it. Small items will have a sticker or string tag on them. We will have price lists posted throughout the house for items like linens, clothing, and books. When you enter the sale, just pick up what you want and put it in your bag / box or take it outside to our designated holding area. Please be respectful of other's piles in the holding area and do not take items that are already spoken for.


Large items like furniture will have 2 cards attatched to them. The first card will have the price on it. The card underneath will say SOLD. If you want the item, take the top card off and find an Estate Solutions employee to put your name on the SOLD card.

If your name is not on this card, we will sell the item to someone else. You must have your name put on the card! If you will be coming back later to pick the item up, we will put your phone number on the card in case we need to contact you. If you pull the top card off, you are committing to buy that item. Do not pull the card unless you are certain you want it! All purchases need to be removed by the end of the sale.


All Sales are Final - Everything is sold as is, where is, with no guarantees.


Payments Accepted - Cash and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery - a 2.75% fee will be added to total purchase amount).


Moving Large Items - Please bring help for moving large items. We sometimes have a mover on the second day, but that is not always possible. Do not expect help on the first day!



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